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As theme parks welcome more and more visitors each year, they also welcome more waste, specifically food waste. With so much waste ending up in the trash, the labor cost involved in managing that waste and the lost revenue of the food that could have been sold, the true cost of food waste and its management is greater than you think.

Theme parks are looking for ways to deal with this problem. An ideal solution would be one that cuts waste costs, improves the entire process, continues to protect the safety of its employees and one that puts less stress on the environment. However, an ideal solution for the management of food waste is about more than just finding a more efficient and cost-effective means for its disposal. It is about moving up the waste hierarchy so that you can prevent or greatly reduce waste where possible.

From an operational perspective, BioHiTech Global’s Eco-Safe Digester is a simple piece of equipment that uses aerobic digestion technology to eliminate food waste on-site. The easy-to-operate technology uses microorganisms and oxygen to safely and quickly break down food waste which then discharges the “grey water” it to a standard sewer line.

Some might argue that there is nothing easier than digesting food waste and flushing it down the drain. After all, the absence of storing rotting food means fewer smelly piles of trash and the inherent vermin they attract. But the benefits don’t end there.

Every Eco-Safe Digester is equipped to collect real-time usage data that can pinpoint exactly what type and where food waste is generated. This insight provides management the analytical tools necessary to clearly identify inefficiencies within the waste management process in order to successfully prevent continuous food loss and the high disposal costs associated with its removal.

The Eco-Safe Digester’s web and mobile applications establish a connection to the internet through the BioHiTech Cloud which continuously gathers and stores the waste data while the remote feature ensures that the equipment is performing at all times.

The Eco-Safe Digester technology opens the door to a significant opportunity to apply advances in technology to better manage the daily waste operations and, more importantly, reduce waste. Sustainable initiatives can go hand-in-hand with family fun. An investment to make operations more efficient aligns with most theme parks’ primary mission of making their park a healthier and safer environment for their guests and employees.