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Can you imagine a mechanical stomach digesting the waste
your restaurant produces? No, this isn’t science fiction; it’s reality
at Franchisee Bill Mulholland’s Dunkin’ Donuts in Haledon, NJ!

Last year, Bill installed an aerobic digester – a device that converts food waste into nutrient-neutral water and transports the water safely through standard sewer lines – in his restaurant as a way to reduce his garbage output and to support green initiatives in his business.

Bill is always looking for cutting-edge sustainable elements to implement in his restaurants. He’s currently building DD Green Elite and DD Green Achievement locations, including a DD/BR combo restaurant with a drive-thru, in New Jersey. The restaurants will feature car chargers and LED lighting with ambient controls to stay ahead of the curve and appeal to the upscale communities in which he’s developing.

After installing the digester, Bill’s garbage bill went from $550 per month to just $180! The unit, produced by BioHiTech America, also limits the need for his crew members to take restaurant food waste outside, which can save time and reduce risk. Bill noted, “There are challenges for safety with crew members going outside to the dumpster at night or in inclement weather or the potential to get injured, so the indoor food waste disposal technology helps alleviate that.” He also shared that it significantly reduces his pest control concerns.

Connected to the cloud, this smart device weighs the waste and provides useful information, including the times and amounts of waste added to it. For example, Bill can identify a particular day or time when waste is abnormally high and discuss with his Restaurant Manager what product is being wasted and why, in order to make informed decisions about purchasing and production.