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As stated in a recent NYTimes article, artificial intelligence is becoming mainstream for business now, extending beyond tech and into sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, aviation and more.  BioHiTech is taking a similar path when it comes to waste management. Our company started out with a piece of hardware – an aerobic digester for the disposal of food waste. Originally, our goal was to find an alternative process that would cut costs compared to traditional waste management and was more environmentally friendly.

From there, we started to make the digesters smarter with the introduction of the BioHiTech Cloud and BioHiTech Cirrus mobile app, which provides our customers immediate access to valuable real-time data. The big data solution has proven to be important for business decisions including purchasing as well as how to most efficiently use the digesters to dispose of their food waste.

Now, we are pleased to announce our newest innovative technology: BioHiTech Alto. Alto is an interactive communication technology that enables users to communicate intelligently with industrial equipment, including our aerobic digesters, in real-time. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Alto takes our digesters to a new level. We are able to gather information from our more than 400 locations in order to understand trends and allow the digesters to proactively communicate abnormalities to our customers through chatbot technology. This will allow customers to react to data before they even ask for it and customers can now make decisions even more quickly and easily without the work of manually going through data to analyze it. Alto can also be used for customer service and diagnosing any technical problems.

With Alto, our digesters will be able to work harder and smarter for our customers which translates into more savings, as well greater efficiency and sustainability.  Artificial intelligence is no longer the wave of the future. It’s here today, and we’re thrilled to be able to harness its extraordinary potential in ways that will benefit our customers as well as our environment.