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BioHiTech Global has received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office in a sign of how the company intends to use proprietary technology to change the way that operators manage and examine food waste.

The patent relates to a food waste weight tracking system and method using a waste disposal machine with data network connectivity to transmit weight tracking system information over a computer network, or cloud, for storage, tracking aggregation and sharing by a centralized computer system.

Food waste data is becoming more important to customers, not only for improving efficiency through better supply chain management, but for providing evidence of compliance in those areas where disposal of food waste is regulated by government.

“Having this patent in hand is a major competitive advantage for BioHiTech as we now have the only integrated solution to measure food waste volumes directly from a disposal unit, such as our aerobic digesters or any other PLC-controlled food waste disposal device, and share that data for analysis immediately via any network or the cloud,” says Frank E. Celli, CEO of the company.

BioHiTech has additional patents pending as part of its IP protection strategy and said it will continue its product innovation efforts to further enhance its competitive position, drive revenue growth and build lasting value for stockholders.

Patent highlights drive for food waste innovation