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“We serve a lot of meals each day,” said Paul Rosen, General Manager at Plush Mills. “The problem is, with a lot of food comes a lot of waste; this technology will help us reduce that waste and support the environment at the same time.”

A product of BioHiTech Global (NASDAQ: BHTG), a company in Chestnut Ridge, NY, the machine breaks down food waste through aerobic digestion, a combination of heat, water, oxygen and natural microbes. The digestion process turns the waste into an organic liquid that is disposed of naturally down the drain.

In three short months, Plush Mills has diverted over 4.5 tons of waste from ending up in a landfill. “Not only does the machine help divert waste — over 100 pounds each day — from the landfill, but it also cuts down on the use of plastic bags for trash,” said Rosen. “Additionally, fewer garbage pick-ups means less carbon emissions in the air,” he concluded.


– Plush Mills, SageLife’s sophisticated active lifestyle and supportive senior living community, has installed a brand new BioHiTech Food Digester in a plan to go “greener” and to prevent unnecessary waste in their day-to-day operations.