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Recoup Technologies

Solutions for Healthcare


Safe Waste Disposal

The healthcare industry, inclusive of hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities generate approximately 3 pounds of food waste per staffed bed each day.  Expired foods, overproduction, returned patient trays and poor preparation practices can all lead to excessive waste. Opportunities to understand what is wasted, reflect those changes in reduced food purchasing budgets and utilize a safer and cleaner process for disposal of waste offers improved environmental outcomes and significant cost savings. 

Recoup Technologies has a suite of solutions to tackle these complex problems. 


We are committed to solutions that have a positive environmental impact.


Smart Disposal Technology

Recoup’s onsite Digesters process food waste, using a combination of microorganisms, oxygen and water, into a grey water that safely discharges to the sanitary sewer line, eliminating traditional methods of waste hauling and disposal.


Data Analytics to Explain the Gaps

Accurate real-time information eliminates the uncertainty about where food waste occurs, how much is being wasted and its associated value.


Data Analytics to Prevent Waste

A waste tracking process forecasts accurate supply chain and inventory needs, standardizes best practices for production, and improves future planning.


Eliminated Transportation and Landfill Costs

An onsite solution eliminates the costs associated with the collection and hauling of waste to distant landfills.

Improved Handling and Storage of Waste

Many businesses lack sufficient space to store food waste for long  periods of time and have a shortage of labor capacity to keep bins clean and rodent-free.



Alignment of Sustainability & Operational Goals

Customers with multiple locations and across many geographies share the same goals. Our cloud platform standardizes the data capturing process to align these collective goals.


Reshaping the Environment

Globally and collectively we need to be driving towards better food management, disposal compliance and ultimately less waste. We offer innovative technology solutions that helps businesses to be less wasteful and to dispose of what can’t be reduced.