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Managing Food Waste & Fighting Climate Change

Food waste has a significant impact on global warming and climate change. A report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) states that one-third of the food produced globally reaches the landfill instead of the consumer’s table. This waste creates about eight percent of total global greenhouse emissions.

By reducing food waste, we can help prevent climate change. The research organization Project Drawdown discovered that reducing food waste can have the same effect on emissions as building wind turbines. Their study showed that if we take specific steps to reduce food waste, we can prevent more than 70 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions in the next 30 years.

With BioHiTech digesters, your company can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions through smarter food waste management. Our digesters divert food waste from landfills on site and provide insightful data analytics through the BioHiTech Cloud.

Reducing Food Waste and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

BioHiTech’s Revolution Series digesters provide a unique advantage in the industry — data insights. Each machine connects to the BioHiTech Cloud, a cloud data management platform that gives you real-time, accurate information on the digester’s usage. With these insights in mind, you can work to purchase less food, reducing both procurement costs and future food waste.

Divert Your Food Waste From Landfills

Every Revolution Series digester uses microorganisms, oxygen and warm water to break down food waste. This process turns the waste into a liquid that flows safely into your sewer line. By managing your food waste on site, you will divert it from landfills and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can also lower your disposal costs by creating less waste that needs to be transported to a landfill or composting facility.

Develop Better Food Waste Habits

As the digester processes food waste, it sends timely diversion and utilization data to the BioHiTech Cloud. The platform generates analytics and reports that you can use to change your behaviors. You can see the amount of food that the digester processes each day and use this data to identify trends and habits in how you manage food waste.

Lower Your Impact on the Environment

If you have digesters at multiple locations, the BioHiTech Cloud will compare their performance so you can set food waste goals for the entire organization. Encourage your team to minimize the food waste they generate in order to optimize resources and lower greenhouse gas emissions. You can achieve both sustainability and budget objectives by procuring less food and making smarter, more informed buying decisions.

Benefits of the Revolution Series Digesters

Our food waste digesters and data analytics platform help you manage your food waste’s effects on the environment. Additional advantages include:

  • Capacity: Every digester model can process hundreds of pounds of waste per day. Our largest model has a capacity of more than one ton. With BioHiTech Cloud, you can see how the machine is working and its availability in real time.
  • Ease of use: Using the digester involves a few simple steps — the machine takes care of the rest. You’ll also get ongoing support from our team members for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Cost efficiency: We offer a variety of rental and purchase plans to make our digesters accessible and budget-friendly. When you rent a digester, you also get the BioHiTech Cloud service.