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Food Waste Reduction System

The Revolution Series Digester: A Food Waste Reduction System

In 2017, more food went to landfills and combustion facilities than any other type of material, according to the EPA. This trend impacts climate change as well as an organization’s budget. By reducing your food waste, you can manage your resources in a more sustainable way and do your part to help the environment. BioHiTech digesters use cloud technology and real-time data insights to help businesses divert food waste from landfills.

Diverting Food Waste From Landfills With the Revolution Series

At BioHiTech Global, our on-site food waste digesters use a combination of warm water, oxygen and natural microorganisms to break down food waste into a liquid that drains down the sewer line to the wastewater treatment center. The process involves no grinding, chemicals or enzymes and does not generate any solids.

Revolution Series digesters reduce your need to compost or take waste to a landfill. As a result, you can smartly manage your food waste and optimize your use of resources.

How to Reduce Waste in Landfills With Your Digester

Data sets BioHiTech digesters apart from the competition. The BioHiTech Cloud is a powerful data analytics platform that collects information from each of your digesters, detailing how much food waste they are diverting. Real-time data analytics empower you to:

Get critical insights on your food waste: With BioHiTech Cloud, you can see the amount of food waste that you process every day. If you have more than one digester, you can compare performance between them. Change your food waste habits: Data insights enable you to make smarter food procurement decisions. Compare your business data to your digester data and buy less of the food items that are being disposed of most frequently. Improve your business operations: BioHiTech Cloud’s insights tell you which food products generate the most waste, so you can determine the menu items that customers prefer. Daily reports can help you run a more sustainable, cost-effective business through smarter food waste management habits.

Benefits of the Revolution Series Digester

Businesses choose BioHiTech digesters for the following reasons:

  • User-friendliness: The Revolution Series digesters make it easy to manage your food waste on site. Open the hatch door, add your waste and let the machine take care of the rest. A light at the top of the digester shows red when full or green when it’s ready to accept food.
  • Effective customer care: Upon installation, your team will undergo thorough training on how to use the digester. Then, your customer success manager will help monitor the digester’s usage and performance. We will also stay in touch and offer guidance on how to take full advantage of your digester’s capabilities and the data in BioHiTech Cloud.
  • Multiple payment options available: You can rent, lease or buy your Revolution Series digester. These flexible payment models let you find a solution that fits your budget and needs while saving on upfront costs.