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Environmental Sustainability in Business

Environmental Sustainability in Business

An environmentally sustainable business is one that provides service and makes a profit without compromising the future of the environment. This means that exploiting resources, developing new products and technologies, and building infrastructure are all done without overtaxing or depleting the earth’s resources.

With environmental problems like global warming and air, water, and soil pollution threatening the sustainability of the planet, it’s essential for business owners to join in the worldwide shift towards more eco-friendly ways of working. In Hong Kong, a study revealed that in 2013 air pollution alone caused productivity losses and medical bills worth HK$39.4 billion. That’s why some of the world’s largest companies are now disclosing their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and other vital energy metrics.

Also, companies like BioHiTech Global are continually creating innovative products and services that can promote recycling, effective waste management, and waste-to-energy fuels that reduce landfill usage. To meet your company’s goals, you need to understand environmental stability.

Why Is Sustainability Important in Business?

Sustainability is now a part of key performance metrics in some organizations for the following reasons:

  • It reduces the cost of doing business: Puma, a sports gear manufacturer, became the first big company to make the cost of water and carbon public way back in 2011. The company was able to use the data to discover ways to reduce fuel, energy, and water consumption by 60 percent. This reduction resulted in savings that ran into the millions of dollars across their supply chain.
  • Renewable energy stabilizes energy costs: Using renewable energy sources helps you avoid the price volatility that’s a constant feature of fossil-based fuels. When using power from renewable sources like biofuels, solar, and wind, you can minimize the effect of the unpredictable cost of energy.
  • Consumers are concerned about it: Most customers today are aware of the dangers of climate change and global warming. So, they’ll adjust their spending habits and patronize companies and brands that show they’re environmentally sustainable.

Sustainability Ideas for Companies That Care About the Environment

Building an environmentally sustainable business requires making specific policies and taking a more disciplined and focused approach to all business decisions. Thankfully, the rewards far outweigh the costs involved. The following ideas can help you ensure sustainability in all your business operations:

  • Have a plastic-free day: At least once a month, implement a zero-plastic policy. Don’t use anything plastic in your company, including tea or coffee cups and plastic bags.
  • Use recycled stationery: While you should work towards a paperless office, you may still need paper. Ensure that you buy and use recycled paper packed in recycled materials.
  • Allow telecommuting: Encourage your staff to work from home at least once a week. You can also set up video conferencing for collaboration and meetings instead of allowing employees to travel over a long distance to attend meetings.
  • Use smart devices: Use motion sensors to switch lights on or off in your offices. You can use a smart power strip to power off devices like phone chargers when the smartphone or tablet is fully charged.
  • Patronize green suppliers: Buy supplies that are produced by businesses that adopt sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Use renewable energy: Instead of fossil fuels, you can use renewable energy sources. If your business uses a lot of heat, consider using solid recovery fuel. Argo US, a cement manufacturer, uses our solid recovery fuel. You’ll be in good company.

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Some of the key benefits of using solid fuel produced from municipal waste include cost-effectiveness and reducing landfill usage. We can help you divert waste that would have been taken to landfills, reducing the expenses involved and slashing the budget for waste management significantly.

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