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BioHiTech Global Inc., Chestnut Ridge, New York, a green technology company that provides data-driven solutions for food waste disposal, has announced that its subsidiary, BioHiTech America LLC, also of Chestnut Ridge, will offer its waste management technology to New York City businesses required to comply with new regulations. The initiative is part of the city administration’s comprehensive OneNYC Plan to send zero waste to landfills by 2030.

The New York City Business Organics Rules were enacted July 19, 2016, and require certain New York City businesses to separate organic waste. Establishments covered by the Business Organics Rules include all food service establishments in hotels with 150 or more rooms, all food service vendors in arenas and stadiums with seating capacity of at least 15,000 people, food manufacturers with a floor area of at least 25,000 square feet and food wholesalers with a floor area of at least 20,000 square feet.

Businesses covered by this proposal are given the option to arrange for collection by a private carter, transport organic waste themselves or process the material on site. Suitable processing methods include composting and aerobic/anaerobic digestion. A food waste grinder is not permitted.

“With 39 Eco-Safe Digesters already installed primarily in the five boroughs of New York, we have been experiencing strong additional interest as the new regulations come into effect from both current and new potential customers,” says Frank E. Celli, CEO of BioHiTech Global. “Our technology driven solution represents the most compelling of the options for these businesses, combining immediate savings on waste disposal costs with data analytics. By year-end, we anticipate a significant increase in the number of new Eco-Safe Digesters coming online in the New York metropolitan area. As more cities across the globe adopt zero waste goals, we are confident BioHiTech will continue its growth momentum. Throughout 2016, we anticipate seeing our Eco-Safe Digester footprint expanding across the globe and hope to have approximately 400 total units by the end of 2016.”

BioHiTech America’s waste management solution was also recently featured in The New York Post, Crain’s New York Business and The New York Business Journal discussing New York City’s Business Organics Rules. In the articles, BioHiTech Global CEO Frank E. Celli discusses how eliminating food waste creation is significantly more cost-effective than having it carted away.

“Every time a customer puts food in, we immediately transmit that data back to the cloud. Our customers in real time can see in each one of their digesters how much waste was generated,” stated Celli.